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Boji® Stones are used for Metaphysical Healing. 

Here is an easy way to use and feel the healing energies of Boji stones to balance your energy field: Hold a Boji stone in the fingers of each hand.  Now move the stones towards and then away from each other; you should feel a very subtle pulling and pushing sensation.  If you do not feel this, rotate the boji's between your fingers and go through this procedure again.  You may feel that the male stone feels better in your right hand rather than your left, or vice a versa.  Keep at it until you can feel this pulling/pushing sensation.  This allows you to become familiar with the energies of your Boji stones. When you feel the strongest sensation, take notice of which stone is in which hand as well as position.  Once you feel you are ready. lay down and place the Boji from your left hand above your head and the other one below your feet. Close your eyes and visualize the golden healing light of the Boji stones as they work to release energy blocks and to balance/align your energy field. 
Numerology-Boji Stones vibrate to the numbers 1 and 9.


The Boji® Stone is the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy.  The rock we chose to become a Boji® was rusting and rotting away.  (It was dying).  The rock needed special preparation to keep it alive. Through channeling, I was given wisdom from ancient Masters of Alchemy.  I use the secrets of esoteric science in preparing the rock to become a Boji®.  Alter cleaning the rock it is fed for many days.  It is again washed, purified by astral light and then is activated by terrestrial essences.  Then and only then is it a Boji®, a container of balanced energy and thamaturgic power.  This then is the birth of the Boji®. 

For balancing the body, it is best to use a pair of Boji® Stones, one crystallized male and one smooth female.  Use the male on the left side of the body and the female on the right side. When using a pair of Boji’s®, start by holding them as you would two magnets.  While holding them in your fingers, move them back and fourth from each other. If you do not feel a slight pushing and pulling sensation, turn one Boji® over and repeat until you feel this slight sensation.  The way they are facing each other when you get the strongest feeling is the side of the Boji® that you lay on the body.  Boji’s® are not magnetic, but they have a balanced polarity and do work best when the polarity is set correct.  Boji’s®  They can be used to balance meridian points of the body in place of acupuncture needles or acupressure.

By applying a Boji® to a hurt area on the body it takes away pain and you will heal faster.  You don't have to believe in the Boji® for them to work.  We have found that if a person has metal plate inside his body causing the pain, the Boji® may not relieve pain in that area.  But, the Boji® will work through the fillings in teeth to take away tooth aches. 

The Boji® Stones had been waiting there for millions of years when Karen's grandfather brought her to them.  This was not the discovery of their presence; others knew they were there but considered them to be worthless little black rocks.  Rather, this was the beginning of the discovery of their essence and purpose.  When Karen first saw the stones, she thought they were alive because she could feel the energy that had been locked within them since the birth of the planet-she could feel them wiggle like Mexican jumping beans!  That was the basis of a mysterious feeling of connection with them which never faltered during what became her mission to prove their worth.

Karen describes her first encounter with the Boji® and the way they got their name-in her own words:  "When I was little, probably three, I had a crow I named 'Boji®.  No one knew where the name came from because I had been raised in close connection with animals and made mostly animal sounds at that age.  However, people interpreted this as my inability to pronounce something correctly.My grandfather took me to a mound of earth on his land that looked like a pyramid  I saw these little black stones sitting on stems.  I picked one up, held it, and felt it pulsate.  I looked up at my grandfather and asked him if they were Boji's® You see, the stones were black and shiny like my pet crow's feathers, and they were surrounded by little mounds of earth that looked like nests.  I thought they must have been eggs laid by my crow! That was the beginning of the name". 


The way that Bojis® were first found, there was one crystallized one in the center and 20-50 smooth ones around it.  Karen decided that the center one was a chauvinistic and had a harem!  The crystallized center stones are found as large as 5 pounds at the most.  Females outnumber males in nature, males are usually heavier in weight, and males are "showier" than females in most species (for example, birds).  Therefore, prices are higher for "males" simply because there are less of them.  Each Boji® has an electromagnetic energy with a negative and a positive side. For purposes of physical energy balancing or healing, normally two stones are paired, one of which is crystallized or "male", the other is which is smooth or "female".  The male stone is placed on the weak side of the body (either the side that is damaged, or the left side for right-handed people or vice versa).  However, two smooth or two rough stones can also be paired.  In this instance, the stone that is heavier should be placed on the weak side. Karen is now assembling twenty years of notes, knowledge and channeled information on the Bojis®.  A book containing more detailed information on all subjects touched upon this brochure, especially the specific use of Bojis® for physical balancing and the healing of a variety of physical conditions, will be forthcoming. 

Crystal Deva’s Rainbow Boji Meditation-By Kellie Jo Conn, GG the crystal deva ©Copyright 2000  
Let us prepare for meditation….This meditation can be done out of doors on a nice day, or if you prefer to be indoors this is fine as well.  The main objective is to find a place where you feel the most comfortable without being disturbed.  I prefer to meditate out of doors in the woods surrounding my home, the tall evergreen trees give me a sense of security which allow me to explore even deeper aspects of myself.  If you prefer to be indoors take the phone off the hook, turn down the lights, add relaxing music of you wish and light a candle and/or incense.  Let's get comfy! 

Now I would like you to sit in the lotus position (cross-legged) or if you prefer to lie down, this is fine as well.  Hold the female RB stone in your left hand and the male RB stone in your right hand.  Take three deep, long breaths inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. Feel your lungs expanding with each of these deep breaths and contracting on the exhale.  Allow your breath to return to its normal rhythm and begin to relax your physical body. From your toes, work your way to the top of your head telling each area to completely relax and to remain calm and quiet. With the body relaxed, allow any thoughts that enter your mind to float by as you continue to feel more and more comfortable, relaxed and calm. 

I would like you to visualize yourself standing in a desert, the sun is shining and you feel the warmth of the sun on your head, it feels so good that you take a moment to just stand and bask in this warmth…….. You look ahead and around you at the immense beauty of the desert, you notice the plants; sage, yarrow and cacti, these plants seem to be radiating an intense white glow like you have never experienced before, you are curious and begin to approach a huge glowing sagebrush.  This sagebrush seems to be calling you and you become more curious walking closer and closer, all the while basking in the warm golden light of the sun.  As you approach this beautiful father sage, you notice a tremendous feeling of security; you have no fear only love and compassion flowing through you like waves in a calm ocean. 

You look down on the ground in front of the sage and notice a pair of Rainbow Boji Stones.  Curious, you pick them up.  Holding them in your hands, the intense sunlight reflects off of their surface and you see a huge rainbow fanning out in front of you.   Each color of this rainbow is vivid; it too seems to be beckoning you forward, closer and closer to this beautiful rainbow.  You see the beginning of the rainbow and watch as it expands more and more into the sky, it looms over you in complete silence. Still holding the RB Stones, take a few moments to look at this rainbow and to breath in each color.  I would like you to begin with red and start to breath in this color.  Breathe in thru your nose and allow the healing color of red to flow down through your entire body, down to your feet and then watch it as it floats back up through your body and then exhaled out of your mouth.  Do this with each color, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo and violet. Always the adventurer, you look closer and decide to follow this rainbow to see where it ends.  You are feeling very light on your feet almost as if you are floating; once again notice your surroundings, the beautiful desert, the plants and rocks.  You are feeling very secure; walking on a path you follow the rainbow.   Finally, you see what you perceive to be the end of the rainbow, you become excited, what shall you find?? You find yourself basking in the light of the Boji Stone rainbow…. 

Remember this is your meditation and there are no limits, only those you wish to impose on yourself.  You may stay in the desert for as long as you like.  When you are ready to return, focus your attention back to your breath and slowly come back into your body.  You may wish to stay seated for awhile after meditation.  I like to use this time to reflect on what I have just experienced.  When you feel like getting back to your routine, then do so.  

Handle them often and give them sunlight once or twice a week.  They prefer the morning light of the red rays and the afternoon blue rays.  They also like the rays of a full moon.  If you desire to clean them, use baking soda and a toothbrush.  To energetically cleanse them I prefer to use Sage smoke.  Simply light the sage stick, get it smoking and then pass each Boji stone through the smoke saying a short prayer such as "Dear Spirit, please cleanse my boji stones and activate them for the highest good".  thank you. 

The following is from "Body, Mind and Spirit" Magazine, June 1989 The Amazing Boji 
Boji Stones are the newest rage since crystals ranging in color from dark gray to black,  and on a rare occasion, beautiful rainbow colors.  These oval stones come in pairs, male and female.  Both are rough in texture and opaque.  The male stone has tiny angular projections while the female is smooth.  They are found among fossils and petrified bones near slate.  As the rain washes away the slate, Boji's emerge on stems looking like rock mushrooms.

Boji's are rumored to possess balancing powers and are excellent for healing.  Those who are sensitive to vibrations of stones note an immediate sensation of energy when the rocks are held.  It is claimed that the Boji's are held together by the energy within them which can be augmented by the loving attention of their owners, and if the stones are neglected they will gradually turn to dust.  We received a pair of Boji's to test and most of the office staff felt a strong energy from them.  One staff member successfully used them to relieve a headache. 

“I believed from the time I first saw them as a child they were of value, and I loved them.  My grandfather used to say if you love something or someone and believe in the value of the object you love you can activate and bring forth the good that is within that person or thing.  People or things can fail to live up to what you wish them to be, but love and belief is a power that gathers atoms into molecules.  Love and belief turn hope and faith into a reality.” 
The following is one authors scientific view of the Boji Stone.  By Michael Nisbet  Other geologists think they are some form of meteorite!  

As we transit into the new era of relative enlightenment, an interesting phenomena has become observable.  Individually we aspire and grow spiritually, thereby collectively, then our range of contacts in all realms expands correspondingly.  The interesting phenomena is that because of the accelerated growth that humanity is experiencing, "new" discoveries of minerals and crystals not seen before are surfacing on the market.  It is no coincidence that this is occurring.  These "new" discoveries are happening at an increasing rate and are exciting indeed!  I could list several stones here, but will limit discussion to the Boji stone. The area is which they are found is an erosional area sculpted by climatic forces into a uniquely beautiful area referred to as the "badlands".  This area covers many square miles.  Eons ago, this area was submerged under an in-land sea, where countless marine organisms thrived.  As time marched on, this sea began to dwindle and evaporate as the land began to rise and the climate shifted drastically.  Consequently, the old sea floor was no longer covered by water and countless tons of sediment.  This floor was covered by marine organisms that had flourished and died. 

Later, conditions were correct for fossilization of the shells and hard parts of various invertebrates, among them brachiopods.  These brachiopods, after fossilization, became concretions.  The iron sulfides in inherent in the decaying organisms attracted more sulfides in the environment until a rough disk or spherical shape or shell surrounded by original fossil.  Eons later, through more earth changes, the metamorphic process of heat and pressure altered these concretions to the point that the metallic including trace amounts of palladium were drawn in.  It is in the opinion of the author that this palladium present is responsible for the fact that the Boji Stones are effective healing stones.  Palladium is a rare metal, more scarce than gold, or even platinum, and vibrates at a very high frequency.  Rutgers University Geology Department did a study on Boji Stones and found that through kirilian photography, Boji stones were seen to have a very powerful electromagnetic energy field.  Many stones were seen to have four nodal points of energy extrusion.

I have worked with Boji stones for three years now, and have had an opportunity to objectively observe certain phenomena after some experimentation.  It was observed that the Boji stones tend to catalyze a balancing process.  For example, if an organic system such as the liver or the spleen were deficient or low in energy, the Boji stone could be held near that area and would tangibly stimulate it by channeling pranic energy.  This would continue until a state of equilibrium had been reached through repeated applications.  In addition, it has been observed that the Boji stones definitely affect a grounding energy.  Boji stones are also useful when a person is around a lot of crystal energies, such as a gem show, or around significant crystal collections.  The grounding afforded by the Boji stone prevents from crystal-burn out or over amplification.  If the person tends to be a space cadet, the Boji helps them to remain more earthbound.

I realize that my own perceptions and observations are subjective and necessarily limited.  Having listened to feedback from many persons I have supplied with Boji stones, it has universally been observed that the Boji's are effective in bringing about a state of harmony or balance and that they do tend to ground energies.  Further experimentation with Boji stones in the hands of many open minded and intuitive people will undoubtedly will reveal other attributes not yet discovered. 

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